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Steph Taylor
A graffitied wall shows a poster saying “You’ve been Zucked”
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It all started with a $20 budget.

Having thrown a lot of money into the Facebook black hole in the past, I was hesitant to waste any more without a return. …

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When Instagram launched Reels as a competitor to TikTok in August 2020, I immediately wrote it off.

I couldn’t see how silly dancing videos would benefit my business — especially since I can’t dance. …

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On the surface, I looked successful.

I had pretty brand photos showing me in work mode. I showed everyone who cared (and many who didn’t) how my morning coffee looked each day. …

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“No, thank you, I’ve already accepted a job elsewhere,” I lied.

Following a particularly low point, I’d decided that maybe entrepreneurship wasn’t for me after all. My business no longer brought a smile to my face, and I woke up dreading each day.

I began questioning: Why am I doing…

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Two years ago, if you’d asked me what I thought making a million dollars would look like, my answer would’ve been this:

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You’ve quit your comfy day job, launched a business and invested your savings into something that may or may not work out. I don’t know about you, but I think that takes a bucketload of bravery.

And yet, so many entrepreneurs stop there.

They happily take on all the risks…

Steph Taylor

Launch strategist helping you help more people, make more money + create a life you love. 🎙Host @ Socialette Podcast | IG: |

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